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family photo

This photo sums up our family

A little bit about us

We are a family of four, There's me Jo, my husband Russell and our two kids M (5) and little A (3). I'm not sure why but we've always called them M and A for short. I've started this blog to keep a diary of our adventures and hopefully help anyone else with the same goals as us. I have always struggled with having to follow a routine, I like doing something different everyday, not knowing what might happen. I'm always waiting for 'something', it drives Russell mad that whenever he asks what I want it's just 'something'! I've finally realised that nothing is just going to happen unless we make it happen. So we are slowly making changes to our life to allow us to follow our passion, which is traveling. We already began home schooling M about 18 months ago after a stressful few months at school.

Our end goal is to have an income which isn't dependant on being stuck in one place. This is something we need to put a lot of thought into as our current professions don't really have the option to work online. Also the fact that I am completely useless on the computer might be an issue, I'm grateful no one has been able to see me trying to set up this website! There has been lots of random paragraphs appearing in huge writing and photos with everyone's heads missing. Anyway as starting point we have both managed to change jobs and find bosses which are happy to be flexible and allow us to take bigger chunks of time off at once to allow us to travel.

Another step is to try to declutter our lives, much easier said than done especially with small children! It's very much a work in progress...

I hope through this blog we can connect with other likeminded families.

Jo x

me and russell

A rare photo of the two of us together

me and my daughter

With the wonderful little A

family selfie

Me oblivious to the amazing selfie being taken!

our dog skip


The Famous Skip

I can't not mention our wonderful dog Skip. He's a special dog with a particular dislike of postmen and cyclists. He was rescued as a puppy from being put to sleep for being too lively and is now 13 years old and rather senile! That doesn't stop him living life to the full, even if he does forget that he's already had his dinner ten minutes earlier. He's rather grey now so I'll have to find a photo of him in his younger days. He is without a doubt the best dog ever!