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Being happy with everyday life.

This week has been a good week! Just being happy with everyday life….

being happy with everyday life

We’ve made quite a big effort this week to try to do more things as a family. I’m only talking about small everyday things. We’ve spent so long just waiting for our life to change. I have almost put life on hold because I think I can never really enjoy the life we’ve got, even though there is so much that is great about it. Escaping has taken over so we are missing out on all the small things that we can do everyday that we all really enjoy. Just being happy with everyday life is possible!

My happiness this week is also down to the fact that I booked some time off work! I haven’t enjoyed my career choice for a long time, I’ve changed jobs quite a few times in the last few years, hoping that would make a difference.  I would love to do something different but it seems so hard to start something new. We rely on my wage so we would really struggle while I trained to do something different. I’ve always been secretly thinking that somehow we would find a way to travel so I might as well just put up with it for now. Hopefully that is true!

outdoor chic

Outdoor chic

We have finally had a few days of nice weather which has been wonderful! Life is so much better when its sunny, everyone seems instantly happy. We decided to make the most of this and packed a picnic to take with us on a nice dog walk. We should definitely do this more often, the kids love a picnic (and so do the dogs!). Not everything fun has to cost a fortune.

picnic fun

My car spent a few days in the garage so we were a bit limited on where we could go. Public transport is extremely limited when you live in the country! So we went on another great walk, we are very lucky that we have some lovely places to take the dogs right on our doorstep. It was a bit of a challenge for A’s little legs as it was a rather steep hill but she did it and then rolled the whole way down! Hill rolling has become their new favourite thing so every walk they now come back covered head to toe in mud and soaked through but they really don’t care. We even stopped at the pub on the way back and M had a long discussion about Star Wars with Russell’s friend.

local walk

One of our Beautiful local walks

hill rolling fun

Hill rolling fun!

Russell was lucky enough to get some free tickets to visit Wookey Hole in Wells a while ago so we finally decided to use them. We’ve lived in Somerset for years but had still never been. It was really quiet because we went during school hours but it was a really good day out. The kids really loved seeing the caves and the huge dinosaurs. The miniature golf wasn’t a huge success with M and A, they mostly just wanted to run around the course instead, lucky there was no one else about at the time! After a quick go in the softplay area we walked over the road to The Wookey Hole Inn. It is a lovely family friendly pub and the staff were lovely and great with the kids. The food was the best meal we’ve had in a long time. Since becoming vegan its not often you get much choice in any of the local pubs but this place was great and I highly recommend it. Read more about our visit here.

being happy with everyday life

in the caves

In the caves!

M has just started Parkour classes and it’s fab! He is loving it and is so confident. I really enjoy watching him doing something he loves. The instructors are brilliant with all the kids and I can see it’s something that M will want to continue with! He has also been going to a weekly rugby training session at our local rugby club. He started this when he was four and was completely clueless but he has improved massively. The difference in him this season has been incredible, he is so focused and determined now. He started off as the kid who didn’t want to get dirty and I never expected him to keep going let alone do well at it.

parkour class

Parkour class

Little A is far more interested in Ballet and started going to ballet lessons. She spends most days dressed as a ballerina and now has a wardrobe full of tutu’s!

our ballerina

Our beautiful ballerina

Although these are small everyday activities I’ve really enjoyed every minute of it. I need to stop waiting for something amazing to happen as I’m missing out on all the time we have now. Although travel is always in the back of my mind so I am still trying to find a cheap mini break somewhere……

family time



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