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Best baby and toddler carriers for holiday.

I am a big fan of babywearing, I have used a carrier with both my of kids and it makes life so much easier. If your kids are anything like mine were when they were little, then there’s a good chance you spend a lot of time carrying them. I love that with a carrier you have your hands free to do your shopping, walk the dog or even do the dreaded housework. I’ve tried quite a few different styles now and can recommend the best baby and toddler carriers for holiday.        (This post contains affiliate links)


We love babywearing!

We made the mistake that a lot of new parents make and did no research into baby carriers, we just picked one that looked ok in the only shop that sold them near us. This was a big mistake and caused us to give up carrying M much early than we wanted because it was uncomfortable. I had no idea there were hundreds of different types and that we should have looked for an ergonomic style rather than a narrow base one. You want your baby to be well supported and this will also make it much more comfortable for you and your back. Always follow the safety guidelines that come with your carrier and below are the T.I.C.K.S rules for safe babywearing.

T.I.C.K.S safety guide

T.I.C.K.S Safety guidelines.


Types of carriers:

With a newborn baby often the best carrier is a stretchy wrap. They are lovely and soft and once you have them tied correctly you can take your baby in and out of the sling without taking it off every time. They do take a bit of practice but there are loads of guides and videos on Youtube. Most people find they are suitable until around 4-6 months old but others use them for longer. Always check the weight that it has been safety tested to.

The Hana wrap is a great one to start with. It is a bamboo blend making it lightweight and cool to use in hotter climates.
The Close Caboo is another good option and the one we used when A was a baby. It is a stretchy wrap but comes partially tied for you which some find easier.

I personally found a stretchy wrap quite warm in the summer so if you are going somewhere very hot there are better options. For example the Calin Bleu is specially designed for use in warmer weather. It is 100% cotton and suitable from 7lbs – 33lbs (approx. newborn to 2 – 3 year old). It’s handy for holidays or while travelling as it dries very quickly and is machine washable.

One of the most popular types of carrier is Soft structured carrier (SSC). They are very simple to use, it’s much like putting on a backpack! Once you have adjusted it to fit you, all you have to do is fasten the buckles.

The Ergo 360 cool air is a great carrier. The original Ergo has always been extremely popular but this one is made with 3d mesh air fabric to keep your baby cooler. The Ergo is a good option because it can be used from newborn to toddler (7lbs – 33lbs)  so it saves you having to change carriers. You will have to use the Ergo infant insert for babies under 12lbs. There are four different position it can be used in.

The LILLEbaby complete all seasons is a really comfortable buckle carrier. It has a panel that you can unzip to reveal breathable 3d mesh to help keep your baby cool. There are six different positioning options with this carrier and is suitable form 7lbs -45lbs.

Connecta Solar – This is one I have, it is extremely lightweight with very little padding making it easy to fold up and pack away. It is made from a sun protective fabric so great for use in warmer weather. I haven’t used it for long periods of time as A walks most of the time now so I can’t say weather it would be as comfortable for long walks without as much padding as some of the others. However, this makes it very easy to take everywhere with you.

connecta solar carrier

Connecta Solar carrier. The hood is useful as a sun shade and to support their head if they fall asleep.













The last type of carrier I’m going to mention is the Mei Tai. These are similar to the SSC but you tie the straps instead of using buckles. Most people find buckles easier but I do really love our Mei Tai, I didn’t think I would but I just seem to be more comfortable when using it.

I ordered mine from Nova Baby Carriers. You do get to choose from a huge range of fabrics which I liked! This company also does buckle carriers.

best baby and toddler carriers for holidays

Our Nova Mei Tai carrier.

These are only a few of my favourites but there are so many on the market now that it can be rather daunting trying to narrow it down! They all come in different colours and some come in different sizes, normally baby/standard or toddler.

Our little girl is now a really good walker but not many toddlers can walk that far before getting tired so I find it’s always handy to have it as a back up option. Carriers are often good for getting them to sleep too which is always a bonus!

Little A's toy carrier

Little A now has her very own toy carrier!


Happy Babywearing!



(The views expressed in this article are my own opinion and you should always contact a babywearing consultant for expert advice.)



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