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Best Children’s Travel Accessories

There are so many children’s travel accessories available now that it can be difficult to decide what you really need. We have created a list of our most useful children’s travel accessories – all of these items can definitely make travelling with children much easier!

best children's travel accessories

Mifold the grab and go booster seat

This booster seat is ten times smaller than the average booster seat. It is small enough to fit in your backpack and is very lightweight. It works by holding the belt in the correct position for the child rather than raising them up to fit the seatbelt like traditional booster seats. They are suitable for children aged between 4 – 12yrs.

Click here for the latest prices for the Mifold booster seat.

UV Sun protection suits

These are a must have if you are going anywhere hot with your kids. They give good protection from the sun and are very quick drying.

Click here to find the perfect UV sun protection suits.

Baby/Toddler carrier

A carrier can definitely make your life easier when you’re on holiday! They can be very useful if you are going somewhere that isn’t pushchair friendly or you prefer to pack light. If you’re unsure which carrier is right for you have a look at my post on the different options here.

Click here to find the latest prices of the most popular Ergo carrier.

Inflatable travel bed

We have used the toddler ready bed on a recent trip and it came in very handy. It meant we didn’t have to pay for an extra bed and we could all stay in one room. It folds up quite small and comes with its own little pump.

Click here to find out more about ready beds.


The Trunki has been a favourite with our kids. It’s big enough to fit their toys in but with the added bonus that you can pull it along with them on it! Very useful when they are too tired to walk through the airport.

You can look at the different designs here.

JetKids Bedbox

A really clever design, this children’s ride on suitcase also turns into a bed/leg rest on the plane. Suitable for children up to 6-7 years.

Click here for the latest price for the Jetkids Bedbox.

First Class kids travel pillow

This is an inflatable pillow that fills the legroom space on the airplane. It’s a great option to make the flight more comfortable and it folds up small when not in use.

Click here to find out more about the travel pillow.


I wish I had known about these on our last long haul flight. The Travelsnug is a fleecy seat cushion liner for the plane, your kids will definitely sleep better with one of these.

Click here for details about the Travelsnug.

Koo-di pop up travel bassinette

This is a must have if you are travelling with a baby. They fold down when not in use but are easy to pop up anywhere if your baby needs a nap. Using one of these can also save you having to hire a cot or pay for a larger family hotel room. They also come with a mosquito net to keep your baby protected.

Click here for the latest prices of the Koo-di pop up travel bassinette.

Packing cubes

These make packing so much simpler. It is so much easier to find your stuff if you all have your own coloured packing cubes. There are lots of different sizes to suit everyone.

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Travel towels

I almost didn’t buy these but I’m so pleased I did! They are brilliant as they dry so quickly and they fold up really small. They come in lots of different colours so everyone can have their own towel.

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