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A Day Out At Wookey Hole In Somerset, UK.

We finally visited Wookey Hole! We have lived in Somerset for years but seemed to be the only family that hadn’t visited Wookey Hole. I feel like we often neglect the great attractions near home. I always think we can visit them any time but then never do. However, we finally had a free day as a family and I have to say Wookey Hole is well worth a visit.

wookey hole

It is situated just outside the gorgeous town of Wells in Somerset. Wells is one of my favourite towns, it’s so pretty. The Cathedral should definitely be on your list of places to visit. There is also a brilliant toy shop which is a favourite with the kids!

We visited Wookey Hole during term time so it was fairly quiet and we were able to make the most of all the activities on offer. We started off with a quick run through the mirror maze, this was probably the highlight of the trip for the kids! So of course we had to go through it again on the way back and take many photos. Actually we spent quite a long time in the gift shop, this is not a good place to start with kids! Normally during busy times you buy your tickets at the entrance but this was closed when we went so we couldn’t avoid the toys.

mirror maze and penny arcade

The Mirror Maze and penny arcade.

We had a bit of time to kill before the next tour of the caves so we attempted the mini golf. The pirate adventure course is great and the kids were keen to start with. However, they quickly abandoned any attempt at playing golf and preferred to run the course instead. Luckily there was no one else around at the time, plus letting a three year old loose with a golf club wasn’t the best idea.

Wookey Hole golf

It is a short walk up to the caves and you look down on the dinosaurs on your way there. You have a pretty spectacular view of the outside of the caves while you wait to go in. It’s a good idea to have a some change for the glow sticks, all the kids in the queue desperately wanted them. We all really enjoyed our tour of the caves. It is not suitable for pushchairs so it’s best to take your baby carrier if you have one. Both our kids managed the steps fine, it is quite wet so you do need sensible shoes. The kids were fascinated by the caves and loved seeing all the cheese stored down there! There is a section of the caves where a local cheese company stores their cheese while it matures. You also pass the cave aged wine during your tour. You can purchase both of these from the gift shop.

cave aged cheese

Cave aged cheese.

Wookey Hole Cave

The Caves

Wookey Hole

As you leave the caves you enter the Valley of the Dinosaurs! This area was a favourite of the kids and also features King Kong. There is a great section at the end where you can pretend to uncover the bones of a dinosaur, using brushes – I think this was Russell’s favourite part!

Dinosaur bones

Uncovering Dinosaur bones!

wooly mammoth at wookey hole

Wooly Mammoth in Dinosaur Valley.

We walked through the Cave Museum, there is a great selection of bones and a skeleton discovered in the caves in 1912. You can also visit the handmade paper mill. The kids then discovered the Wizards play castle! There are separate areas for the younger children and two areas joined by a tunnel providing much enjoyment. You can visit Captains Jacks restaurant form here but we didn’t on this occasion but maybe next time. There is a great old fashioned penny arcade and a carousel which then leads you back to the huge gift shop. There is usually an ice cream parlour but it was closed when we visited. I enjoy visiting places when it’s quiet so we avoid the queues but it does mean you miss out on some areas that aren’t open. There will definitely be much more to explore during the summer months.

play areas

All the different play areas.

Wookey Hole has also recently added The wild Wookey experience which is 3 hours of Abseiling and climbing in the caves.

After we had finished exploring we headed over the road to The Wookey Hole Inn. This is a fabulous family friendly pub. The service was excellent, they were great with the kids and even provided toys at the table and large sheets of paper for them to draw on. The food was superb and they were more than happy to cater to our dietary requirements.

Wookey hole inn

The Wookey Hole Inn.

Wookey Hole verdict:

Overall we all had a really great time, there are loads of different areas so there is something for everyone. There are loads of indoor activities so it’s a great option if the weather isn’t too good. To visit their site click here.


  • Angel

    March 18, 2017 at 1:02 am

    Maybe I missed it, but is this in Somerset, Kentucky? I didn’t see the state.

    Either way, this seems like an awesome place to visit, especially for a weekend getaway! Affordable, and only about 4 hours from me (assuming it’s in Kentucky!).

    We usually hit Lake Cumberland at least once over the summer, and I’ll be sure to add this to our itinerary (not that I’m that organized, to have an itinerary, but you know what I mean!).

    Thanks for the tip!

    • Jo

      March 18, 2017 at 1:15 pm

      It’s Somerset in the UK! I will add that to the post so it’s clear to everyone. I’m never organised enough to have an itinerary either but it’s nice to have an idea of places you want to visit!


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