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Homeschooling The Jedi Way! How to homeschool using Star Wars.


This post is for all parents of Star Wars obsessed kids! How to homeschool using Star Wars…..

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best day ever with Star Wars - how to homeschool using star wars

Best day EVER!

I’m a little bit embarrassed to admit I’m rubbish when it comes to Star Wars – sorry! It’s Russell that’s the big Star Wars geek and now M has joined the club. I’m constantly being quizzed about different characters and who’s my favourite and then receiving a lecture about why it’s terrible that I know so little about the most important thing EVER! Although I secretly think he quite enjoys knowing so much more than me and teaching me all about it regularly.

I had no idea that Star Wars would become such a big part of our homeschooling journey. I think I started the way most parents do, by buying boring workbooks and endless basic learning to read books. Yes, they covered all the necessary information but I found it extremely difficult to keep M’s attention for longer than a few minutes and to be honest I couldn’t blame him. If I found them boring then it was no wonder he struggled to stay interested for a decent amount of time.

I felt like I needed to stick to these books as they had been recommended and they followed the national curriculum. When we first de-registered M from school the plan was to find another school that would suit him better. I was worried about teaching him and felt this would probably be the best option. So I thought I needed to stick quite closely to the curriculum so it would be easy for him to slot back into school and not fall behind. Of course this never happened and over a year later we are still happily teaching him at home.

homemade Luke costume

Homemade Luke costume

Once I realised it was looking more like a permanent decision I started researching alternatives. I felt like I had more freedom to teach him our way. Of course I had had this option all along it just took me a while to realise it! I began to look into resources that included things M is passionate about, for example – how to homeschool using Star Wars!

I have actually been quite surprised at how many “fun” resources are available. I happened to come across a Star Wars phonic book and found this to be the turning point in our homeschooling journey. I have since bought the maths and reading books from this range and M is completing them with far more enthusiasm than he ever would with the old workbooks.  I highly recommend them for any mini Jedi!  (Russell has now informed me that it’s not Mini Jedi it’s padawan learner, I knew this of course). Click here if you’re interested in the Star Wars workbooks.

Star Wars workbook.

   The fab Star Wars workbooks!



  Just to give you an idea of what the workbooks are like.

Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is.” – Grand Master Yoda.

My next amazing find was Pinterest, I feel a bit stupid now that it took me so long to think to use Pinterest for homeschooling ideas. It is brilliant and it’s great for people like me that just aren’t very creative.  Click here to see my board on Star Wars ideas. There are plenty of resources on there, from craft ideas to printable worksheets.

Homeschooling the jedi way

Whenever I decide on a new project with M, I think about how we can adapt it to include something he’s passionate about. Most of the time it’s something ridiculously simple. For example when he was learning sight words, I had cut them out and laid them out on the floor for him to pick out but instead of just pointing to the words he used his favourite lightsaber. It’s little things like this that can make all the difference to him being excited and keen to finish the task instead of giving up half way through it like he used to.

Perhaps I can find new ways to motivate them.” – Darth Vader.

Learning sight words with light saber

Practicing sight words the Star Wars way!

A recent science experiment was to recreate Han Solo encased in carbonite. (A sentence that up until a year ago would have seemed like complete gibberish to me.) We had great fun doing this with M’s Lego figures and little A also insisted we include a few of her frozen dolls! It only required a few very basic materials. You’ll find the link to this experiment in my Pinterest board.

Lego Star Wars figures have been used for many projects and they have survived all of them so far! They are brilliant for maths. We use them for all counting and they are great for fractions as you can take them apart.

I’m also a fan of the young readers books in the link below. They are great for getting started when first teaching your child to read and they can move up the levels as they get more confident. We also have quite a few Marvel ones.

A really great thing that I do love about Star Wars is that so many kids are passionate about it and it’s something that brings them together. Who doesn’t love a quick lightsaber duel……

Light saber duel

 LightSaber duel.

(You can thank Russell for the quotes.)




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