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The first steps as our travel planner.

I have a lot of big plans but in reality I just sit watching Netflix or on Facebook or both when I’m in a really productive mood. However, this really needs to change if we are ever going to actually achieve our dreams. I am now our families travel planner, Russell is appalling at planning anything. I do love Facebook though, I Cant help it! To find out more about why we want to travel see our post about it here.  This post contains affiliate links.

I’ve even ordered this travel planner and journal in the hope it might make me more organised.

Our Plans have already changed about fifty times since we decided to make them. The basics still remain the same:

1. Aim to be travelling full time or as much as possible.

2.  Avoid being stuck in jobs we don’t enjoy, leaving very little time as a family.

travel planner mission

First job as our travel planner: Where?

Narrowing down which country we want to visit first is a massive step in making progress. This has been hard especially as I want to visit EVERYWHERE! We have narrowed it down to Asia because we have loved every experience we’ve had there so far, the weather is more what we are looking for, it is family friendly and it is more affordable in general. Of course there are exceptions to these points especially when it comes to the weather and affordability.

Our current favourite is Cambodia, the more I research the more I fall in love with the idea of going there. I love the Lonely Planet guides and highly recommend them for every country you visit. Click here for the Guide to Cambodia. There is so much I want to see there and there are plenty of places I want to visit. There are work opportunities and obtaining a visa is fairly straight forward. From the research I’ve done so far it seems affordable for our family and vegan food options aren’t too difficult to come by. Anyone who is currently out there or recently visited please correct me if I’m wrong on any of these points! Any tips also very much appreciated. I am enjoying following the Fox-Smith family from Epic Animal Quest as they experience life in Cambodia with two children.

my travel planner sidekick

My sidekick!

Second job as our travel planner: The house

Our biggest dilemma at the moment is what to do with our house, do we sell or rent it out? We were quite set on selling as it would be so much easier to manage with the money from the house. We could pay off our debts (caused mostly by all the problems with had with the house!) and we would be able to travel comfortably for a few months while we found our feet in another country. However, I’m quite fond of our little house now. It has been a nightmare, it looked lovely on the outside but underneath there have been endless problems that were covered up when we bought it.  Even with all the problems, we enjoy living here and it has been great for the kids. There aren’t many places where your kids can play outside on the green in front of your house with all the neighbours kids. I’m also worried we will never get on the property ladder again but does this matter? I really don’t know!

It would be lovely to know we have our house to come back to and we may possibly even make a very small amount of money through renting each month. I’m just worried about the risks involved, what if something major needs repairing while we are away and is it sensible to travel without any spare money as a back up plan? Although I do think it will make us more sensible, we will have to be organised rather than just relaxing for months spending all the house money! I really don’t know what the right answer is, I am probably the most indecisive person ever which isn’t helping. I do know spending another few hours watching Designated Survivor on Netflix hasn’t helped me get any closer to making that decision but I do highly recommend watching it!

Around our house

We do love our little house and all the outside space!

Third job as our travel planner: How long?

The next part of our plan is deciding how long we want to stay somewhere. We are currently thinking three months might be a good starting point, less if we don’t like it, more if we do. If we can decide this then we can attempt to form some sort of budget for those three months. Ideally I would like to know that we could survive that amount of time with the money we leave home with so if we aren’t able to earn much we can still manage. It will be budget accommodation and food but we are happy with that. We need to figure out if we can earn enough before leaving to enable this scenario. It won’t be fun but we could probably do it. I worked huge amounts of overtime to afford our Sri Lanka trip, I paid for all our flights with two months of overtime and really needed the holiday after that!

We still have some time to prepare and things to look forward to:

We still have a few months to get everything together. My sister is getting married in July so we definitely can’t miss that. Little A has already chosen her bridesmaid dress and I have had to wrestle it off her and hide it to stop her trying to wear it everyday. I’m pleased she likes it so much as she was adamant she was going to wear her frozen Elsa dress. That Elsa dress will still probably appear at some point……

elsa dress

The lovely Elsa dress.

travel planner kids

This is the other option for the wedding.

So basically we just need to decide where to go, earn loads of money and sell everything we own. Simple.

Maybe I should forget being our travel planner and just get back to Netflix.

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    • Jo

      April 4, 2017 at 9:43 pm

      I love hearing things like this! I am so tempted to do the same, life would be so much easier with the money from the house and no need to worry about a major repair bill while we are away……Oh why am I so indecisive!

  • Alyson Long

    April 6, 2017 at 3:09 am

    Ah Jo, welcome to my life. We’re off to Egypt next week and I haven’t organised a thing, I’m also organising somebody else’s trip to Thailand ( he wants me to go with him, I’m tempted!) for cash and running the websites. I don’t have TIME to plan our own travels, which is partly why we never have a plan. Keep up the good work….and nice monetisation 😉

  • Jo

    April 6, 2017 at 8:19 pm

    I can barely managed to plan a simple mini break for us so I have no idea how you manage it all! I’m starting to think planning is overrated anyway. What’s the worst that can happen?! I would also be tempted by a trip to Thailand…..:)


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