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Visiting Snowdonia National Park with Kids

I can finally say I’ve visited Snowdonia National Park and it is absolutely beautiful! It was a five hour drive for us from Somerset but as you get closer to Snowdonia the route is stunning.

Snowdonia national park with kids

Not a bad view on your way to your holiday!

I can highly recommend stopping at Honey Café in Bronllys, it was just over half way on our journey there. The food was excellent and they do an amazing selection of cakes too! They are open everyday from 9am – 9pm.

Honey Cafe

We Stayed in a really lovely resort in Barmouth Bay – more on that soon. I highly recommend staying there, it was lovely accommodation and right on the beach.

barmouth bay

Barmouth Bay

We only stayed a few days which was a great shame as there is so much to do. We decided to visit Harlech Castle, only a fifteen minute drive in the car and parking available outside the castle. There is also the option to catch the train and the resort had kindly given us the train timetable.

Harlech Castle

Harlech Castle


Snowdonia national park with kids

Harlech Castle

We were extremely fortunate to visit while they had the dragon in the grounds of the castle and there are dragons visiting other castles across Wales. Of course the kids thought this was amazing and it was!

DRagon at Harlech Castle

Dragon at Harlech Castle

When you arrive you are given a sheet with the option of finding all the letters around the castle. If you spell out the correct word you can win a prize when you hand it back in at the end. My son really enjoyed this challenge! Harlech Castle is a really interesting and beautiful place to visit but do be careful if you visit with young children if you go up the stairs. There are some steep steps and the walls aren’t very high if they try to peer over the edge. There are some signs warning you of danger but if you stay on the ground floor it is all quite safe and pushchair friendly.

top of the casttle

View from the top of the castle.

prison tower

The prison tower

There is a café on site but Harlech is a lovely little town with plenty of places to eat.

We headed back to Barmouth for lunch, this is also a great seaside town with arcades, amusements, ice cream parlours and lots of places to buy buckets and spades for the beach. It is amazing how happy a toddler is with the penny arcades! As the weather had taken a turn for the worse we went to the large soft play for lunch. The staff are lovely and it is a great place with different sections for different ages, a football/basketball area and a really good menu. It’s called Bendi-Gedig and you can visit their site by clicking here. They also have free parking at the back.

soft play

One part of the soft play area.

Some of the other options that are on our list for next time:

Zip World –  This place looks incredible. Most of the options are for children slightly older than ours but there are still activities for children aged 3 years and up. There is so much to do there so well worth checking there website.

King Arthurs Labyrinth – An underground adventure suitable for all ages.

Gypsy Wood Park – A great kids activity centre. There is loads to do with a railway, play area, trampolines and animals to meet.

There is so much to do in Snowdonia National Park with kids that you’ll never be short of a fun activity!


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